For the right person, selling real estate with us offers an exciting, challenging and rewarding career.

We work a little differently than other real estate companies. Rather than hiring as many people as possible (the numbers game), we focus on finding exceptional people (the quality game) who we believe will fit in to our culture and be successful.

We don’t expect you to know it all. In fact, we welcome people from outside the real estate industry who can bring a fresh perspective to our business. We’ll help you develop the skills you’re missing, and we’ll ensure you hit the ground running the day you start work.

In short, a professional real estate career with us could be a life-changing move.

•    You can earn an income that reflects your ability and the effort you put in
•    Hone your edge with regular, ongoing professional training
•    Make the most of opportunities to progress and grow within the businesses
•    Work alongside like-minded people who help each other succeed.

You’ll have fun. You’ll work with people from diverse backgrounds. You’ll become a relationship builder and a negotiator. You’ll grow to love the thrill of the chase, and you’ll thrive on the endorsement from your clients and the personal satisfaction of a job well done.

Start earning from day 1.

We’ve met lots of people out there who would be great in real estate but have been put off by the perception they’ll have to endure months without pay until they’re established and making sales.

We want to make it easier and more attractive for good people to join us, so we offer a salary-based alternative to the traditional commission based remuneration.

If you’re new to the industry, here’s how it works:

•    We’ll be competitive with what you currently earn, and we’ll provide incentives on top of that
•    We’ll provide you with a phone and laptop
•    We’ll pay you to complete your real estate exams and set performance goals once you’re up and running.

It’s important to remember here that being on a salary doesn’t limit your earning potential. We want you to do well, so the more you achieve, the more you’ll earn on top of your salary.

And if you’re that good, work for yourself by becoming an independent contractor. The rewards are unlimited.

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